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Whole Ass Deck - Coming Soon!

Whole Ass Deck - Coming Soon!


This is a reading of the whole deck...all 78 cards read showing past, present, and potential future. You are encouraged to ask several open ended questions. Common questions include career and business, relationships, and life events. For a deeper read provide your birthday, as well as zodiac signs and ages of loved ones you are inquiring on. This read is about you and for you and your own energy, {we are not reading others' futures}. However, along the way, of course, others do fit into our family, friends, and loved ones often show up.


With this reading you have the option for a private video message recorded and sent to your email, or you can choose a written and typed reading with a photo of your spread attached. This reading can also be scheduled over zoom, plan for 45-60 minutes. If you prefer a zoom call, please message me to set up an appointment.


    Please add your question and/or area of focus you would like in the note section during checkout. Also include any birthday or zodiac information you would like to add. Thank you!


    Delivered online within 72 hours of order. If done over zoom it will be scheduled as soon as schedule permits, typically within three days.


    There are no refunds on readings. However if you are at all unsatisfied please reach out to me for clarification or follow up.

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