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Things I Learned From Always Forgetting

If there's one thing I'll say for ADHD it's that it pushes my brain to find ways to adapt. Once I realized I needed to, anyway. It took me way too long to figure out that I need to work with these aspects of myself instead of fighting them, or trying to force myself to remember things, or thinking that I'll stick to some arbitrary schedule with no plan and no consequences if I don't. I'm not a doctor, therapist, life coach, etc. This is just what works for me as a 40-something inattentive ADHD woman.

In no particular order here they are, I am sure I will always be adding to this list.

  • If it's important write it down. Doesn't matter how much you think you'll remember will eventually make it's way out of your mind even as you try to grasp onto it. Kinda like a dream that you watch slipping away the more you desperately try to remember.

  • Keep notebooks everywhere. In your purse, car, workspace, bathroom, kitchen. Chances are you won't leave a room to go grab one, so planting them where they are readily in reach is a must.

  • Check those lists at the end of every day or every week. Writing it down is half the battle, don't forget to go back and review what it was that was so important.

  • Color coding is a lifesaver. On calendars, in budgets, when organizing your closet, etc.

  • Schedule downtime, even and especially in between tasks. A ten minute guilt-free timed break helps me come back more willing to work. Usually.

  • Name something quick that you've been putting off. Can you do it right now? Do it.

  • Follow people on social media who inspire you. Be it fellow ADHD minds, organizers, ASMR pages to relax and recenter...whatever floats your boat.

  • While we’re on the subject of social media, set limits for how long you spend on there. It’s way too easy to fall into a rabbit hole and lose an afternoon.

  • If you're so inclined - and if you're on this page I assume you are - a tarot spread to help you regain focus and clarity can be helpful a tool, as well.


Here's one example but you can always make your own, too. I made this quick spread as a way to pull focus back in when I feel myself floating away or becoming overwhelmed. Once it gets to that point I will typically shut down and accomplish nothing or I'll stress myself out trying to tackle the biggest items on my to-do list. You know, to prove to myself that my willpower is stronger than anything else.


This pull was in regards to my career…how I'm not always moving in the direction I want to be, not quickly enough anyway. My focus should be on the nine of wands. Not great, but ok, I get it. This card represents pushing through and finding motivation, reminding myself of my 'why'.

Distracting me is Temperance. Balance seems like it's a great thing, but when we are too afraid to push ourselves one way or the other out of our comfort zone we miss opportunities for growth. If I keep dipping my toes into my dreams without ever leaving the safety of land I it will take much longer to get there.

How to get back on track is the eight of pentacles. This card to me represents the student and the teacher....feeling a sense of mastery and understanding of what we've got going on. A reminder that I need to work with all of the elements that make me myself, even the parts I sometimes try to ignore. And also, that maybe, just maybe, I'm as ready as I'll ever be. Ugh, fiiiiine.


And to end this all, here are some pictures of my cat, Igby. He is so handsome.

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