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I Put My Thing Down Flip it and Reverse It

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Reading it or hate it, most people aren't indifferent to them. Oh wait, I am!

Reversals serve a great purpose in a lot of readings, but sometimes I overlook them if the read in general gives a consistent vibe. An upside down card here or there may not really change a read that much. Then again, sometimes it changes everything. A reversal does not turn a positive card negative, or a negative card positive, it's really more intuitive how they are told in the story.

This two card read shows how a reversal can clarify a situation: The Moon with the Six of Swords reversed. The six of swords is a card that gives us the freedom of escape, the light at the end of the tunnel. It reminds us that no matter where in the choppy waters of a storm we may be, the shore is ahead. Relief is there waiting for us but we have to put the effort in to reach out for it.

When it's reversed I read it as those times when we can't see a way out of our current situation. We may know what we have to do to help ourselves out but we are refusing out of fear of change, the unknown, or of rocking the boat too much. We get so comfortable in our discomfort that it becomes a part of us, whether we like it or not.

The Moon pairing here amplifies that message, adding that there may be some overthinking going on. Imagining worst case scenarios, forgetting that there's a difference between intuition and fear based thinking. I would ask, are we biding our time, letting ourselves sit in an uncomfortable place because we know it's not time to move yet? Or are we frozen in self doubt, not trusting ourselves to make a right move? There will be no perfect timing, we have to be honest with ourselves and recognize that.

Just being aware of how much of our own power we give away to fate can be enough to help nudge us into a decision with confidence, then another. Next thing we know we're on that shore, made stronger and more resilient by the same waters we thought would drown us.

I will explore more card reversals in the future. This one seemed like a good place to start, a message not made hugely different by a reversal, but still a clear shift in tone that is worth adding to the read.

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