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Empowering Intuitive Tarot
Virtual readings for guidance and insight in our mystical, modern world


Hi I’m Jessica, thanks for stopping by my site! I am currently taking a break from providing readings, check back later for updates.

I have been reading tarot personally for fifteen years and professionally for nine. I read tarot intuitively and the cards are a tool I use to help provide guidance and advice from spirit. I am a reiki practitioner, currently studying towards reiki master, and am happy to incorporate this practice into my readings when called to do so.

I am also a certified and licensed occupational therapy assistant working in special education. I find my connection to the divine helps me in my therapeutic career, and the compassion I learned through my work deepens my connection to spirit. It is my calling to be of service and to uplift others, and I look forward to doing the same for you.

Please remember that tarot readings are for entertainment and spiritual advice purposes only, they help provide insight and clarity on life situations, but should not be used to replace medical, legal, or therapeutic/mental health services.

Also, if you came here from Instagram or TikTok please make sure it is my own page @jade.light.tarot. I will never solicit you for a reading or reach out to you first.

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